Bittar Design




We were invited by Vetor Zero to make a series of illustrations to be the central part of a TV spot for Rede Globo, the biggest tv network in Brazil. To present the new brand identity that were untouched for many years, the creative team from Globo came up with the idea of a spinning top that would draw several words and even a few figurative images on paper. The illustrations were made from a real spinning top and later scanned and put together digitally. There were close to a hundred doodles from the toy that we could later choose from. Below are both videos produced by Vetor Zero and also some images of these illustrations and a few extra shots



Below are some shots showing the making of this project. There were hundreds of scans from an actual spinning top that were used to composite the illustrations together. All the drawing and the mistakes like dots and scratches were also numbered for easier reference. We also did treatment tests to understand how much detail we could put on each piece as well as other things like figuring out how the words would be linked between them and also how each word would transition from one to the other.



Client: Globo
Production Company: Vetor Zero / Lobo
Our Role: Illustration