Bittar Design

Google Allo


Brazilian stickers for Google Allo. 

Brazilians love the internet and the internet loves them back. We’re heavy users of social networks (our average time per month is 60% higher than the rest of the world) and use it to connect and communicate in our own way: irreverent, sharp, colloquial.

With stickers we can still be ourselves while expressing a lot of emotions with only one image. Or more, many more. Google Allo and Bittar created together more than 500 digital Brazilian stickers so far. Stickers that were thought and crafted alongside 25 independent artists, illustrators and motion designers.


We started by researching the strongest Brazilian behaviors and culture mixed with tons of Brazilians memes and other inspirations inside and out of the web. We came up with several themes for each sticker set and worked with Google to define the most useful ones. From fitness and vanity to carnival, dating and being extremely positive or extremely sad in a funny way - for each theme, one great artist.


We searched for people who were really talented. Well known artists and also artists that were either millennials or that could clearly speak to that audience. We’ve heard that we created a select group that most Brazilian illustrators wants to be a part of - which is really nice. We collaborated with them to come up with characters’ concepts, sketches, final artwork and animation in some cases, making sure every stickers' emotion would be read instantly.


We worked very hard to guarantee that there’s a sticker set for conversations of all kinds and for several tastes, also Brazilian archetypes - take a look at the app already, it’s way more fun! 

The stickers are available on Allo and we’re still in the game since we continue to work with Google Allo team to make every chat more fun, smart and personal.



Client: Google
Our Role: Creative direction, art direction, illustration, concept, research, production.
Copywriting: Letícia Martinez
Invited artists: Alfredo Pistilli, Ariel Fajtlowicz, Bárbara Malagoli, Barlavento, Berje, Bernardo Abreu, Birdo, Daniel Semanas, Estúdio Pum, Fernanda Kissy, Fernando Bittar, Florence Dagostini, Gabriel Silveira, Guma Nutinski, João Lavieri, Leo Natsume, Muxxi, Nik Neves, Rentz, Rodrigo Estravini
Animation: Birdo, Daniel Semanas, Guma Nutinski, Jardeson Rocha, Rafael Morinaga
Operations consultant: Leo Borelle